Stampede announce Partnership with PA Air National Guard

February 23, 2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Stampede announce Partnership with PA Air National Guard

Harrisburg, PA – Harrisburg Stampede partners with the Pennsylvania Air National Guard to honor military members with a special Military Appreciation Game on May 4th.
In a display of patriotic reverence and community spirit, the Harrisburg Stampede has officially announced a dynamic partnership with the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, reinforcing the professional indoor football team’s longstanding commitment to honoring military service members. This collaboration is set to culminate in an action-packed Military Appreciation Game, scheduled for May 4th, which promises to deliver a memorable experience for fans and service members alike. The team is eager to show its deep respect and support for the military, an endeavor that goes far beyond a single event.
This partnership aims to foster a stronger connection between the Harrisburg Stampede, its fan base, and the venerable men and women of the armed forces. As part of the celebration, the Stampede will be offering exclusive military-themed in-game entertainment, player tributes, and a series of special recognitions of service members throughout the event. Attendees are encouraged to secure their tickets well in advance to be part of this extraordinary community gathering.
The Harrisburg Stampede is a beloved professional indoor football team based in the heart of Pennsylvania’s capital city, Harrisburg. Known for their high-energy games and community involvement, the Stampede is committed to providing an engaging and family-friendly sports experience for all its fans. By partnering with organizations like the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, the team strives to give back to those who serve and to enhance the cultural fabric of the region they proudly represent. For more information, visit the Harrisburg Stampede’s official website or follow them on social media.


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